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Looking to shed a few extra pounds for health or beauty reasons? Look no further than Northeast Urgent Care - Atascocita! You can find treatment for anything from physicals to drug screenings, our clinic is highly skilled in weight loss treatments as well!

Find novel ways to make your weight loss goals a reality

Supercharge your weight loss with an HCG diet

Interested in Phentermine Rx injections for weight loss? You'll be professionally evaluated by a physician while your personal goals and health are assessed. Just $100 dollars gets you a 6-week prescription, with additional refills to follow. A water pill may also be prescribed as needed, based on your specific health status.


Seeking other options? A fat-burning injection of essential amino acids, including vitamin B12 will be given to boost your metabolism and jump-start your weight loss! These specialized injections decrease fat deposits and cost a mere $20 per shot! The cost can go even lower ($10) if you get it on the same day as your visit and add Phentermine Rx.

If you've tried the fad diets and you're still not seeing the results you desire, the HCG diet may be the answer you've been seeking. With HCG and a 500-calorie diet, stored fats will be mobilized and lean muscle will remain! Patients can lose up to 1 lb. per day and anywhere from 10-30 lbs. over 3 weeks!


This treatment also resets your brain's hormone center, so as long as you maintain a healthy diet, you're not as susceptible to gaining the weight back again! HCG can be administered in pill form or via injections.

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Lose Excess Weight and Reshape Your Body

Northeast Urgent Care - Atascocita offers minor emergency and acute illness care as well!

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